Product Analysis

We analyze all kinds of products, be it raw materials, extracts, oils, cosmetic formulations, food and beverages or UV-filters, using ESR spectroscopy. Our methods involve in vitro analysis of your substance of interest just as ex vivo investigation of the effects of your product on hair and skin. No matter what you want to know in regard to the antioxidant properties or free radicals’ status; together we will tailor an approach to find out more about your specific product.

Product Composition Consulting

The list of ingredients of your product defines the usage and performance character of it. The more complex a formulation is, the more likely it is to find interactions between components that are not planned or underestimated. We can help you find hidden issues in your production. If we find redundant actives or ingredients that are known to work poorly together, or conditions that make certain reactions impossible, we would mark them for you, design tests to proof the capacity of the product without and with these factors and help you to design a better, safer product.

Claim Substantiation

Newfound raw materials and scientific achievements lead to new possibilities to design a superb and efficient product. But the claim, beyond being new and interesting, needs to be true and provable. With our methods and experience we create sophisticated, reproducible and ensured claims for you.

Research Partnership

We can do a lot, but we can’t do all. There are many specialists in other companies, research facilities, and universities all over the world, that have knowledge, techniques and experiences that complement our capabilities. It is our pleasure to connect with the people and facilities to find answers and new approaches to relevant issues.