Antioxidants play an enormous role in preventing oxidative stress and resulting pathological skin conditions or aging. Interactions between ingredients or certain storage conditions can even lead to an increase in harmful free radicals. We can test the antioxidant power of your product in-vitro, on skin and on hair, and help you optimize the product composition for your best outcome.

Raw Materials

The raw materials used for cosmetics, dietary supplements or in the food industry can vary greatly in terms of the number and type of antioxidants and free radicals from supplier to supplier and also between batches or different storage conditions. We examine your products, be they herbs, fruits, extracts, oils, and more, and help you select the best quality for your needs.


with your product you want to strengthen the health in a natural way. With our quality management and advice, we ensure that no valuable nutrients are lost during processing from raw material to supplement.


Food and Beverages

Cooking, mincing, freezing, drying, fermenting and other processing steps can have a great impact on the nutrient performance of food. Bringing together many components to create a high quality food product is an art in which we would like to support you with our methods and know-how.

Sun Screens

A number of UV filters are used in sunscreen products, which can have very different photostabilities. The development of free radicals during UV exposure - also in interaction with the formulation - can impair the protection of the skin. We can help characterize your UV filter or test your finished product in vitro or on skin.


An increasing demand for anti-pollution products arises these days, due to the increasing presence of dangerous and highly reactive molecules in our atmosphere. On the skin or on hair  we can easily test the effects of pollutants – and efficacy of your anti-pollution products -  by measuring the amount of free radicals produced in the biological material.